is an optimizing system
for existing snowing-equipment
for saving costs and resources

Do you want to start your winter season earlier then others, at the same time guaranteeing that your guests have top snow conditions with well kept slopes?

You want to save resources for the snow production right from the start?

Then we have the right solution for you!

ERSO Technology has developed an upgrade, after many years of scientific and technological research, an retrofittable optimization system for existing snow-canons and snow lances, to increase the efficiency when producing machine-snow during borderline temperatures and doing so, a 100% WITHOUT CHEMICALS.

In the attachment, please find  detailed information regarding the functionality as well as the economical advantages, savings of resources,  and snowmakings in various ski-resorts nationally as well as international.

We gladly can arrange for a snowmaking test in your ski resort,
so that you can see onsite the advantages of the ERSO SNOW-TECH system.

If you have any questions, please call us under +43 664 200 6 200
or send us simply an email under


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